Monday, November 28, 2011

Art Marketing Fun and Magic

Today's post is postponed due to the weather (only half joking on this rainy day), instead,
I'm sharing a link that will entertain and plant some creative seeds for marketing your art:

This is a wonderful Ted Talk about art: "Using three iPods like magical props, Marco Tempest spins a clever, surprisingly heartfelt meditation on truth and lies, art and emotion." Takes only about 5 minutes to watch, but you can't watch just once. If you love your ipod, ipad, or iphone,  you'll appreciate it even more. Marketing Magic.

Yesterday, I happened upon a YouTube piece about one of my artist friends. It was nice to see him in different venues; his work showcased nicely, but the entire video was static, all pictures. Maybe his marketing crew just needs to play with an ipad for a few days, then create another video for him. You did watch the Ted Talk before reading on, didn't you?

Today I'm researching website hosting for my next artist site. It's a difficult decision because one option under consideration is Microsoft Office 365 for the small business. I really like the 365 option. It really doesn't feel artsy, it's business. We need both artsy and business to market art. I'll address this in a future post, and maybe touch on left-brain vs. right brain functioning when an accountant just happens to be a painter.

Another rainy day color sketch

I'm also photographing some drawings from one of my old college sketchbooks today to do a post on the importance of a strong drawing foundation for visual artists. Some painters can dive right into a blank canvas with brush or palette knife while others require fully drafted images to get the studio produced composition right. Most of us fall somewhere in between.

Please share the fun Ted Talk with your artist friends, and any comments on considering MS Office 365 as an artist site would are welcome.

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