Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's All About Art, Timeline, Plus, and Info Universe Gods

Okay, so I previewed my new Facebook Timeline today. I liked it, published it, and now I'm learning how to tweak it.  It's all good. We have to keep telling ourselves these changes are good for us, as well as the gods of the info universe. Someone gave me Arundati Roy's book The God of Small Things a long time ago and I often think how fortunate I am to not have a thousand gods to appease, especially when tweaking all my internet sites and tools.

Go for it with Timeline--you'll like it! Professional Pages are okay--here's mine Gail Kent Studio Page with Timeline. I wasn't prepared for the extra banner-type photo, but found a temporary one to use for now.

I wanted to get in another post for February so I'm welcoming the extra day. An article I read earlier this week Obama Poster Image Copied relates to an earlier post about copying and thieves who will download your art-- steal your art. This is a tragic case of a gifted artist who used his gift, along with another artist's gift without permission, he got caught, it made the headlines. I strongly believe we have to put this issue out to all the sites we use. Anyone who has the talent to copy, has the talent to create original work. Thief Copied Your Art

Savannah Sunrise
Georgia Marshes

That's all I had on my mind for this post, but I do want to mention that new works were uploaded to my FAA site yesterday, and I have several Spring pieces to photograph for uploading--need yet another new camera.
These two studies are from photos snapped on a drive from the Florida Gulf Coast north along the Atlantic Coasts of Florida and Georgia and up to the North Carolina mountains.

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