Friday, March 2, 2012

Richard Diebenkorn Ocean View Series
Richard Diebenkorn's art is indescribably beautiful and simple, especially his Ocean View series currently on exhibition at OCMA Diebenkorn Exhibition

Ocean Park #54 is one of my new favorites for the colors and because Diebenkorn left the trail of his thought processes as he scraped away layers to add new paint for a different effect. Pride doesn't allow most of us don't leave that trail.

I'd love to line up all the images from this series for you - just google Richard Diebenkorn Ocean View Series images for a visual treat.

How often we see feeble attempts of imitation in these representational bands of color. They are mesmerizing to me as I live on the coast, daily painting my own bands of color, and could easily step right into one of his images. Everyday, I work in my own seaside environment of angular industrial lines, bright interior angles, and open expanses of blue sky meets green water or green sky meets blue water.

Though meeting with criticism, Diebenkorn stayed the course with his thoughts, with his application of colors to convey his surroundings. In this brief video you hear his response to early criticism. Diebenkorn on his Method

I'm off to the beach now to create new works after spending a little time with Diebenkorn's paintings. Hopefully, I'll work under inspiration, not influence. A few of my own images will show my affinity for the sea's translucent linear colors. If you arrive on the shoreline on a foggy morning, you will be greeted, on rare occasion, by a low tide horizon similar to this Morning Low Tide
This print is currently included in Fine Art America's Sales Favorites

 A rainy seaside morning will greet you with brilliant colors as storm clouds dissipate and you begin a new painting to capture the moment from shoreline. Living on the Central Florida Gulf Coast, I get an extra long season of these images during our six-months-long hurricane season.  Skies are Clearing
(I'm right there with the wind and waves when we experience the melodrama of a good storm.)

And then we have Winter on the coast in the Tampa Bay area. This cold windy day of crisp clear blues was captured while trying to hold everything down. It was an awesome blue bay on that frigid day.Winter Morning. This print is currently getting a lot of FAA activity. I've seen several somewhat similar images pop up recently on other sites. Some never learn that if you weren't there, you probably can't capture the essence--we're going to see a lot of Diebenkorn influence coming.

Enjoy your visit to Diebenkorn online you won't be able to catch the exhibit. I did.

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