Friday, March 23, 2012

PR Art Shaking it Up

PR can create any image you desire. Well, sometimes.  PR can make you famous or infamous.
If you're running for the highest office in the land, you probably need the best PR you can buy. Spin is an art when creating an image. Our current Republican roster may or may not agree that shaking it up with words is a good thing.

Etch a Sketch Seascape Art

I'm a painter who doesn't use art to make political statements. I'm no Picasso and not very good with my Etch a Sketch as a tool. But I do admire strong art in the political realm such as the awesome Etch a Sketch artists I was able to surface when running a Google search for that genre. Obama Portrait   I have a pocket-size sketcher which is probably a knock-off, but that thought brings up another political thought about original ideas.

Etch a Sketch Portrait
I found links to both Santorum and Gingrich enjoying photo ops with their Etch a Sketch toys. I'm pretty sure President Obama didn't have his photo made with one but probably got the most enjoyment of all. Etch-a-Sketch Moment

Other than President Obama, who came out the winner in this PR art? Why, the makers of Etch a Sketch, of course. Ohio Art Company Stock price tripled! Wonder who they're supporting in this race.

Big topic--not at all funny how spin has become the tool of choice that can dupe the American voter. And that's the only political statement I have. I'm registered independent; never follow party line, always vote. And, occasionally, I buy a little stock. Sorry to say that I missed out on this unanticipated uptick.

My art speaks for itself with no PR help, so it's back to the studio for now.

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