Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New SEO Best Friends

I gave in today to 100 or so e-mails from my new SEO best friends at the search engine submitter site I looked at when I purchased my own domain. I'll link if performance is what they claim. Their marketing e-mails, in the tone of old-time used car salesman or snake oil salesman, are sometimes off-putting as rude, aggressive, and get-rich-quick in the subject line because I'm of a different marketing mindset. I believe they are offering a quality service though.

Coming Ashore?
This beautiful fish swam along the water's edge with me as I walked the Picnic Island shore this morning to collect my Google thoughts.

No longer seeing my blog posts in searches, and my profile & Plus photos showing with Windows but not Firefox (which I use, and is current). Having spent hours and hours trying to resolve these issues, I'm burned out on Plus and really angry that my beautiful blogs go nowhere. No sales, no comments if the posts aren't out there!

When I upload into my blog, I don't actually see the photo until it's in the blog. No Google service person to address these troubles; no help found online. I don't know if my new SEO best friends will pull my past Blogger posts to show in searches based on my post-specific labels, or just the few search words they allowed. Perhaps that's another small fee. I should read the 75-page service (ad) e-mailed today.

Big City Life in Tampa Bay Today
My new domain site, Gail Kent Studio is still inactive as of this post. I wanted the dust to settle on Google and Facebook transitions in the Master of the Universe race and coordinate with Blogger. As these guys would say, fish or cut bait!

I chose ipage with Wordpress for my new gallery site. The love affair with Google being over, I'm eager & excited to  tackle the new site again in a week or two (that's Tampa time).

Uploading a few photos to my prints site tonight.  Fishing Buddies is one of this genre that works well in any of the print choices or as cards. It's particularly popular globally.

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