Monday, June 25, 2012

Tropical Storm Debby At Tampa Bay

Palma Ceia Skies As Debby Rolls In
Tropical Storm Debby is winding down in the Gulf, though Tampa is still under a Tornado Watch.

Heavy rain pounded the roof last night as lightning flashes made it impossible to sleep. This morning we heard the sound of cars pushing through flood waters in surrounding streets as some made their way to work.

Next we look forward to an explosion of mosquitoes from standing waters.

Picnic Island Palms As Tropical Storm Debby Slowly Moves On

After days of being cooped up (and no painting!) I had to venture out to Picnic Island with the first sun rays to break through this afternoon.  It was difficult walking the beach in high winds.

I took 148 pictures of the shoreline, kite surfers, and a ship in the bay--most are too blurred to use. The filtered look of this photo is due to the salt water on my camera lens. Note the waters have washed  away the palms' soil and roots.

Picnic Island Beach Washed Away in TS Debby
This photo dramatically shows the severe erosion a mild tropical storm can cause. The beach is gone, washed away.

That three foot "ledge" is what the raging storm waters gouged out. As I tried to walk along the water's edge, waves washed the sand from underneath my feet making for an interesting scene as I maintained my balance.

Just off shore, kites with dangling surfers held my attention. This guy was awesome. He's at least twenty feet above the water.

Picnic Island Kite Surfing During TS Debby
As I watched four kite surfers, I noticed one lone wind surfer had sense enough to keep his gear on the shore. A great example of Risk Takers and the Risk Averse.

(These are the young people we want covered under insurance plans to even out revenue and expense that SCOTUS is to rule on today.)

Needless to say, I got some terrific reference photos today, though my lack of photography experience shows in the cloudy saltwater covered lens, and movement from heavy winds.
Picnic Island Gulls Grounded by TS Debby

Aw, look who's strolling in the park.

These usually raucous, begging, and territorial birds seem a little stunned.

What's a gull to do? Too windy to fly and waters too rough to eat.

I always wonder where gulls go during storms. I'm thinking a lot of birds move away from storms. I saw only a few gulls and a couple egrets today.
Picnic Island Palms as TS Debby Passes

Water, Water Everywhere
As winds picked up speed and skies clouded again, no risk taking, I nervously left for home.

I'm eager to compare this photo with a prior one offered on my print site Tampa Bay Sunset
that I took during the Full Moon Sunset.

I saw several palms that were topped by the storm. Though we experience these storms every year, it's sad to see nature's fury destroy nature's beauty.
 Arriving at my car I realized why I couldn't see anything in my camera's display. My glasses and the camera lens were covered in a salt spray film, too.

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