Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Art Lovers Rich and Poor

Sittin' by the Docks of the Bay
An early morning visitor sits on the banks of Hillsborough Bay, lost in texting the moment the sunrise peeked above the horizon.

I learned from him that the boat in the bay was a castaway, a term I hadn't heard applied to a boat. Having grown up in high country, it's not part of my coastal jargon.

No tides rollin' away this morning and just a couple of ducks and blackbirds to watch. It's a quiet start to a new day.

Sunrise Jog
These piers are in an affluent area of South Tampa. I'm fortunate to live nearby and marvel at nature's beauty that surrounds us.

For the last year I've chatted with less affluent frequenters of these piers and Picnic Island where I painted. Most were local; some from other states and countries. 

Last year I was shocked by the numbers of young people I met who had lost jobs, yet hoped for something to come along. Then I met early retirees, all of whom would rather be working.

Young people starting their lives or older downsizers, they shared a solemn expression and gentle smile when they stopped to look at my art. Many who chatted mentioned that they had painted or drawn in the past but gave it up. I always encouraged them to take it up again. Some of my visitors were castaways, too, having lost their moorings. Our economy has brought tragic consequences to many good people who deserve better.

Another Just Ducky Day!
Art Market Thrives
This link was tweeted by Slate this morning. It's a good short read about the art market thriving in this horrific economy because of the super-rich, the "Ultra-High Net Worths." The point is that the Super-Rich love the art they buy.

Well, I'm sure art lovers buy art even when it's not a smart investment. However; I'm old enough to know we've had a number of economic cycles when art was a terrific investment. Besides, it's like "donating" for naming rights-the gifting of great art benefits both givers and receivers.

A sincere thank-you to the Super-Duper-Ultra Rich for sharing your great art! Everyone can appreciate it, especially when they again have disposable incomes to visit museums, or have access to internet connections to enjoy it online. Now, what can we do about this economy for rich and poor?

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