Tuesday, May 8, 2012

King of the Wild Things

Picnic Island Sea Grapes
Living on the Gulf Coast of central Florida allows me to explore nature's contrasts throughout the year.

Many days of the last year were spent on Picnic Island, a habitat restoration and park setting with beach. There I paint and photograph all manner of "wild things" indigenous to this area--persons, plants, and things--the sunny tranquility and stormy high waters.

I've learned to venture out and touch sea life that I've never seen before, both the living and the once living remnants that I gather. With exposure to these creatures, fears diminish.

Early on a foggy morning or late in the evening when catching the last rays of the day with my camera, an uneasiness can manifest itself in the solitude, isolation, and sounds of silence of this popular island paradise.

Supermoon Rising on Picnic Island
Maurice Sendak would have understood my uneasiness as I headed off to Picnic Island to capture both high and low tides of this weekend's perigee moon--supermoon.

Maurice Sendak died today. It is our very great loss. I heard an interview he gave to Terry Gross on Fresh Air during one of my painting outings. He talked about the loss of his partner, about aging and being alone, about life. It was incredibly moving, provocative, unforgettable. With this link you can either read or listen Maurice Sendak Interview

Sunset on Picnic Island
"One of the few graces of getting old—and God knows there are few graces—is that if you've worked hard and kept your nose to the grindstone, something happens: The body gets old but the creative mechanism is refreshed, smoothed and oiled and honed. That is the grace. That is what's happening to me."

He said we may never tame the wild things and I believe him. I'm just as afraid of the dark as those little kids who've loved his books over the years, but I've learned to venture out anyway.

Sendak Exhibition  at the Jewish Museum. Thanks Maurice Sendak for all you gave to so many.

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