Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pinterest Pins Steal Your Art

This Butterfly Is Not FREE

This is an illegal process when users take your work without permission--ILLEGAL!

Only you can give permission to use your art. You hold the copyright to your art.

Pin-It Buttons are now on all my Etsy shop listings. This is original art; I have not given anyone permission to pin anything. 

Why would any professional artist give away their work any number of times and have it used continuously without compensation of any sort?

I'll revisit this later after I contact Etsy. No other sites planted pin-it buttons on my art listings. Never allow pins of original art work. This link is an excellent piece on Fine Art America's position on this thievery Pinterest Enables Copyright Theft

Several people suggested I put my works on Pinterest. I decided some time ago this was not a forum for fine arts or for anyone working in original images and opted to go with Tumblr for my board purposes Gail Kent Studio Notes 

Please Don't Pick the Flowers Without Permission
After looking at the Pinterest situation again yesterday, to find a way to keep my Etsy shop AND protect my work, I realized this will take more research. Much more research.

Clearly not everyone who pins original artworks is intentionally becoming a thief.

Most bloggers depend on sharing imagery and quotes. Most do it with permission and/or attribution, linking to sites rather than just lifting what they want surreptitiously.

I follow an incredibly informative, beautiful blog that offers a way to track pins of your work. Take a minute to read and protect your works.  Pinterest Pinned Art Removal

So, it's back to square one for me. Tumblr is not the venue I need to get great multitudes interested in my imagery, but is a wonderful site to develop a creative board and interact with other creatives. What price Pinterest? Too great.

Pinterest is becoming a megasite. They will have to evolve to correct this dreadful copyright problem their site has created. Visual artists must be paid, this open season on fine art cannot continue.

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