Friday, May 4, 2012

Supermoon Saturday

Supermoon at Picnic Island
Supermoon arrives Saturday night and should be at it's fullest brightest beauty around midnight.

These supermoons are mesmerizing beauties, especially when viewed with just a few clouds. These were my skies yesterday, and I'm hoping for clear skies tomorrow night. Here's a brief description of these moons. Supermoon Descripton Video

New moons are also fun for me for the beauty of the shoreline at low tide. Unfortunately, I never remember to watch the tide tables, only rarely catching really low tides during my beach outings to paint. This one proved to be a very popular painting Morning Low Tide

Before the Storm in Tampa
All week we've had the most interesting skies in Tampa Bay.
A painter's dream. I'm building a library of sky shots just from the Spring seasonal color.

This drama played out over Busch Gardens Wednesday afternoon.  After the cloudburst, I snapped a beautiful rainbow over South Tampa, but it pales in comparison to the depth in these clouds.

My hometown, Asheville, known as "land of the sky" made me a skywatcher from an early age. Sunrises and sunsets over mountains are stunning, too.

April Sunset over Tampa Bay

One last Tampa sky in this post-a bay Sunset!

This sunset was in the last few weeks when we finally got some rain. Completely surrounded by water, we seem to suffer an unfair number of droughts in this area. Wildfire season has filled our air with smoky smells several times this Spring, but all clear for now.

That's all from this beachcomber for now.

Have fun catching the Supermoon 2012, skywatchers!

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