Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Meme Art

Setting Sun
Meme Art, as in mimic, it's everywhere. Hence the name, meme, it's viral in no time at all.

When someone says you have to see this, coupled with an LOL, I know I'm going to respond with rolling eyes and "Paleeze, they need to get a life," especially if it involves cute cats. But is it art?

Memes are art. So says SmithsonianTop Ten Memes , and so says PBS's Idea Channel. Caution: at least one cute kitty in this short video Meme as Art?.

Sunset on the Horizon
I'm now compelled to stay current by downloading software to create my own meme, or to do it with Google+.

I've always used the sun (as in above photo) in the form of various circles as my meme, (:-) is often used. For now the horizon (as in this painting) is my meme, I just haven't put them into the proper meme art form to more accurately represent myself so I can go viral.

Everyone recognizes my art by the signature horizon, so this meme transition may be a bit of a challenge.

Gotta love this kitty! LOL!

How can I change a simple horizon line into something that will go this viral?

 Diversion to be continued...

P.S. I'm really working today, already started three new paintings with my trademark horizon line.

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