Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nature Art for Older Kids

Island Floers Series : 1 of 6
Choosing decorative art for children after they've outgrown Mickey and Little Ponies, but before they've discovered zombies or vampires makes for a challenge.

I'm working on several island nature series for my Fine Art America young people's gallery with the originals now offered on Etsy as affordable art as each series is completed. Island Flowers Great paintings for the young-at-heart, too!

Six series in total in the works: butterflies, flowers, fish, shells, seabirds, and trees. Each is a series of 4-6 acrylic paintings on 6x6x1-1/2" canvas executed in a very spontaneous watercolor style.

Butterflies Series : 2 of 6
These paintings, not graphic art, are all about nature--bright colors and peaceful settings. All images, except the soon to be listed tropical fish, are from the island where I paint regularly.

Girly girl flowers painted in pinks and purples and golden yellows are balanced with boyish tans for moths, butterflies and shells.

The very bright tropical fish series is for the youngest art aficionados. The trees series will feature some great climbing trees and more delicate ones, too, for girls and boys. All are being listed on Etsy as they are completed, then will be available as similar prints in a variety of sizes and formats on Fine Art America.

Island Flowers Series : 2 of 6

Island Flowers 2 of 6  is a beautiful little painting suitable for all ages.

All of these paintings convey the peace and tranquility of nature's gentle movement in an island estuary. 

These images, also very attractive as greeting cards will be  offered at Fine Art America as completed in multiple formatting choices.

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