Thursday, April 19, 2012

Google Blogger Problem Resolution

This morning I joined the Blogger Group  Blogger Forum 

  • need to view my photos which I can't see anywhere in Plus,
  • need my posts showing in searches,
  • need my Etsy widget to carry over to daily posts                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Shell Game Finding Your Answer
All, repeat, all posts stopped showing in searches and photos are invisible to me since the transition to Plus.
Let's see, how long ago was that?
I'm marketing art online and I'm dead in the water!

Since I went into the forum as a new member, I'm totally reassured that I made the right decision in deciding to hire a consultant before moving on to my own domain site gallery based on a Wordpress template. Wordpress users also have Plus problems yet to be resolved.

I'm certain a pro can fix my Blogger issues in a matter of minutes, as I'm pretty sure I did something I shouldn't have in signing on to Plus. It's taken me many hours, too many to count, to realize I cannot resolve the issues myself. But I've got a few rainy days coming up and, unable to paint, I'll try one more time.

Typical postings on the forum today express absolute user anguish. Students have lost assignments. Bloggers cannot reply to comments. Posts are not being posted. Accounts are closed. URL's renamed. Yep, I definitely need professional help if the younger user cannot find resolution and begs for help.

  • OMG, where are my posts? put them back, class assignments!
  • Can't reply to my comments, why not?
  • Why has my blog gone? Where's my site?

Fellow Blogger Group Members: You are not likely to find problem resolution in the help forum. Your Blogger commiserators don't know how You quite possibly got yourself into your Blogger jam. Play around with the issues and if you can't fix the problems, hire a pro, or barter one, whatever. I didn't see any magical fixes from fellow bloggers on the help site. As for a list of problems that Google is aware of, follow the fix is all you can do, if and when they offer one.

Picnic Island, Tampa, Florida at Low Tide
My pain is that for six months I've painted in one location to capture the essence of that location and cannot even get my art in front of my own Tampa friends and neighbors. If I put in half a dozen search terms, a little something may surface. And that's after hiring my new SE best friend optimizer.

Time for me to get on with it and stop hoping that Google has provided a resolution. Google has not provided me with an answer to my questions.

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