Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tampa Artists Welcome RNC

Picnic Island Where Fish are Jumping
Welcome to Tampa Bay! 

We're a little different in these parts and proud to strut our stuff for the RNC. Even the fish are friendly here. Enlarge this photo and you'll see two jumping out of the water as I snapped the shot.

A colorful city of great beauty (full of purple blossom-laden trees today), we're gathering a herd of painted elephants to welcome the RNC gathering in August. Trees courtesy Mother Nature; elephants courtesy local artists. There's sure to be at least one pink pachyderm in the herd.  Tampa's elephants

Picnic Island Shrub Unedited Snapshot
I went to Picnic Island yesterday afternoon to play with my new camera and to prep canvases for a new series. Not much I could photograph, so I staked out my perch for two hours of painting. The beaches were strewn with discarded cans, plastic Easter eggs, Easter basket straw, and other garbage people left behind on the sands, grasses, and in shrubbery, after their Easter reunions. Even the road into the park was badly littered. Plastics in the water and on the shoreline now have to be cleaned-up by taxpayers. No photo ops.

Bird's Eye View from Picnic Island

Tampa is getting a facelift for the RNC.  Already a natural beauty, a facelift will only augment our amenities. Intense planning is underway and all should go well. Don't know that Picnic Island will be a venue for any RNC activities, but the crew has worked very hard for months on improvements and general spruce-up. I've observed what appeared to be shoreline security practice in the bay, as well.

Hate to miss a good party, I'll be on the road in August.

Today's post is loaded with photos that are totally unedited, no color correction, and no cropping. These shots were taken with the new P+S Panasonic Lumix camera which I wrote about in an earlier post along with the link for a recommendation. Artists' Cameras  I haven't yet read the manual and don't yet know how to use the camera very well. The touch screen is wonderful, it's intuitive, and produces quality images. All this for under $100. I could have gotten a model with a view finder to conserve battery life, but my only objective with this camera is a quick fix to photograph my art. That's my next experiment and I'll upload comparisons in a future post.

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