Friday, April 20, 2012

Drawing For Your Painting

White Ibis Strolling by the Bay
A white ibis greeted me early this morning, as we welcomed another beautiful Tampa day. Eager to sketch her later for the kids' art series I'm working on, I pointed, shot, and moved on.

Island birds are the next, and final, series for my children's gallery on Fine Art America.

The shells series was finished today. They're simple shells that kids pickup in the water and on the beaches around Tampa Bay.

Island Shells Series 1 of 4
The children's series are on 6x6" gallery wrap canvas but created as 3x3" watercolors as a concept. They were first rendered as pencil drawings, then painted freely with watercolor.

It's a terrific feeling to take a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and flesh out imagery of any sort. Ingres was my favorite master of drawing for his simply rendered portraits. Though I seldom take pencil in-hand for my larger paintings, I do make a very rough sketch in brown or blue acrylic paints in beginning all acrylic and oil paintings.

There's a Metropolitan Museum drawing exhibition worthy of note “Dürer and Beyond: Central European Drawings in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1400-1700,”
You can read about it at the Times Met Drawing Exhibit.  Really beautiful and inspirational drawings from several masters to get your creative juices going.

Storm Clouds Moving In
Listening to the radio as I painted on the beach today, I felt like a country girl in the city. Terry Gross was interviewing Levon Helm. Love those country harmonies even without knowing the music.  Levon Helm Interview  He certainly leaves us a wonderful body of work.

Rains are moving in for the weekend here, so it's computer time for me. Found some great art marketing sites to share in a future post as I explore various venues. Lots of "free" information out there to Google for your own use.

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