Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Etsy Birds Bopping and Bees Buzzing

It's Springtime at Etsy! 

So many talented artists and artisans now being featured everywhere! Yesterday the latest West Elm arrived, Etsy art on their walls--fantastic!

After a period of focusing on other things, I created a new Treasury this morning to showcase a few of these artists. Spring at Etsy  There are hundreds of new Spring-themed beautiful treasuries putting a song in the hearts of all these shop owners and their shoppers. Quality handcrafts at affordable prices.

My own Etsy shop images need to see a little updating with the twelve photos and paintings offered. I've tended to upload and forget about it. Etsy has not been the best of venues for fine arts offerings, but it would appear changes are in works. It's past time to check out the new art groups and put more marketing efforts into being an Etsy shop owner.

Marketing on Etsy does require a time investment. Shop owners are social marketers par excellence, with a long time presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Etsy gives us one of our best marketing tools--Etsy circles we join. These offer a tremendous opportunity to build community with fellow etsians, and to build web presence through connections we make. I've posted about this at Etsy Marketing

Another Etsy marketing tool I use is the Etsy Mini to showcase a few of my paintings on my blog.

I like the appearance of my Etsy shop paintings on the blog layout. However, they aren't carrying over to my Digg posting to Twitter, and when I surface in Google searches, they don't show in the blog posts that I open.

This mini link isn't carrying over when linking, I suppose you could say.

This curious problem can be worked out later. For now I'm glad it's on the blog home.

Enough talking about Etsy, time to start doing Etsy. I hope you enjoy visiting some of the shops, and Treasuries are a wonderful shortcut to do that.

We have a new "gift" and home decor shop in my neighborhood. Don't know them well enough yet to put a link in, but I have to say ten minutes in that store was like a day of browsing Etsy shops. Many of the wares in the store seemed to have been sourced from Etsy vendors. I'll write about it after I've built a relationship with them. It was wonderful being totally surrounded by whimsical artworks.

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