Saturday, January 21, 2012

Arrrrrrgh! Pirates Landing, Beads in the Streets

As I write, fireworks fill the skies over Tampa Bay and Jose Gasparilla pirates are again claiming the city and paying with beads. Those silly boys will be boys! Streets are filled with children this weekend and next weekend we get the full invasion, with the adult parade down Bayshore Boulevard and booze and beads everywhere! Everything goes remarkably well and clean up will be done by daybreak after each event. Invading Pirates

Island Winter Series high Noon
Today I planned to work for a short while on getting my website art descriptions cleaned up, actually writing more than 1 short sentence about my works on the Fine Arts America site. See my prior blog from January 11th Importance of your descriptions. It took all afternoon for me to do only a page and a half of the three pages of listings. It is such a tremendous improvement. I worked on standardizing my tags, as well,  while I was at it, so that my coastal and mountain works are each defined with the attention they deserve. Still a long way to go.

Island Winter Series Low Tide
I uploaded 5 new Winter beach field studies today, and will have 1or 2 more uploads from this series.

This painting of the low tide on a winter morning doesn't fully capture the breathtaking beauty of that low white line across the horizon. We do have color changes with each season, and Winter is gorgeous!
This low tide, low horizon scene makes you feel as though you are but a grain of sand in this expansive universe - beautiful!

Winter Morning

This painting depicts a clear crisp January morning on the bay last week. The colors are the deepest I've seen this year. The water was actually a much deeper diplomat blue, it was cold. It's high tide, and no boat traffic because the winds are too high.

Enough of my works for 1 post. Hard to write with the party 2 blocks away and sirens and canons blasting.

Looks like Etsy has lost my Aspens painting that should be in the sidebar widget. It's not on the site anywhere - oops! Guess I'll have to shell out twenty cents to re-list it and write one of my verbose descriptions so it will sell!

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