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How to Recover Blogger Photos Lost in Google Plus

Missing Blogger photos are back in my blog. 
Success Number 1 of a 2- or 3-Part Google Plus Problem

It took just a few hours to read other Blogger user's similar woes by Googling the problem; to realize that no matter how many times I tried to fix Google+ it would win because it's bigger than I am, and to get the great idea of just editing my blogs to put the missing photos back in.

Easy fix - this will be a very short post:

1.  Photo organization is of the essence.
Mine aren't so well organized between blogs and art site uploads, but they're all available on thumb drives, 2 PC's, the ipod and ipad. So, get all your photos together for re-uploading them into the blog posts.

2. Blogger is forgiving and user-friendly. You simply need to edit the affected blogs.
Scroll through your blog posts to see how much damage has been done* and whether or not you have the photos, or used links and have to resource them all over again. Mine were a combination of my own and linked. Make a list if necessary of which blogs you're editing while your viewing your actual blog. Go to edit mode and bring up your first post to be edited. If you can't tell from the text which photo is missing, click on the blacked-out photo to get the details (assuming you can't actually see them in Plus -  I cannot) then having a name and date or source, you'll be able to find your photo again.

3. Delete the blacked-out photo box and re-upload your photo, size and caption it, Preview before updating as some text may have shifted. Make any further text editing and press Update.

4. Repeat Step 3 for all photos to be re-loaded.
For my blog, only 10 photos were affected.
I believe this happened when my system (Google?) generated a 2nd Google+ page right before my own eyes, uploaded photos from my blog, and I had already created a scrapbook of 17 photos for the 1st Google+ that I created, some from the blog.

I still have Google Plus issues with having 2 pages, and still can't preview the selected photos I'm uploading into Blogger or see anything on Plus Pages.

The main thing is: my blog posts are in their pre-Google+ view state, are attractive and easy to read should anyone refer back to those older posts. This was a quick and easy fix.

Two Old Crows
* and what caused the damage we did to our Blogger posts? 
 A combination of not being in-your-face informed by Google of immediate effects of creating a Google Plus page, not reading all available information, and not thinking it through before making any changes to something as big as Google+ structure. Think it Through is a short little management tip, very useful in managing website changes.
Two Old Crows are allowed upon your restoration completion.

Please share any workarounds you've used to restore your photos. Lots of  Blogger-users are heartsick over their "loss."
Comments are always encouraged. If you're following interesting blogs, feel free to comment or post your links here, too. 

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