Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And Your Point?

Visual artists blog.  We blog primarily to gain exposure in a crowded market.
Then we Digg it, Tweet it, and Share it--basic marketing in the digital world.
But what are we saying in all these blogs?

It's hard to get to the point about imagery. Corporate America has the same problem. We look at their great web design layouts, ad pictures, bullet points, then move on. Try actually reading some website product descriptions--too much information! Boring!

This Inc. article (from 2010) addresses this question giving great examples of  website descriptions. Why is Business Writing so Awful?  The author, Jason Fried, wrote "Words are two dimensional. Your products and services provide the third dimension--depth." Great summary of  "the point."

I try to post on A Painter's Resources several times a week. This doesn't overwhelm me or my readers.
- I write my post,
- I submit it on Digg with a blurb,
- I then Tweet it with another short blurb,
- I then put it up on  Facebook, with still another blurb.

All of these words are to capture your eyes for a few minutes with the goals:
- you read my posts,
- you learn something new from the arts community,
- you share your comments with the community so we learn something,
- and we get to see new works and meet new artists with links and comments.
- Oh, and if we are moved to visit each others' gallery sites, we get to sell some art.

Afternoon Sailing

Giving titles and descriptions to my art, which can be very regional and/or abstract, is difficult. What's the point, isn't the point obvious? Well, no, it isn't obvious, words are needed. My target area is anything but regional. Afternoon Sailing may capture your attention because of the essence of tranquility and beauty in a Carolina outing, but it needs words to complete the imagery. I'll work on my descriptions sooner rather than later. Afternoon Sailing Prints

The point is to differentiate your product or service so it stands out as clearly unique or superior in a vast ocean of other choices, as a blog and as art.

As do many artists, I have a shop on Etsy where I interact with other artists, and offer some original art for sale. Etsy often posts great articles to help  members with marketing and other retail advice.
Your Point of Difference? is a great article that would apply to anyone selling visual arts. To summarize "the point" of this Etsy posting,  try to differentiate by:

  • Price
  • Variety
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Availability
  • Convenience
  • Customer service
  • Story

 I have a lot to learn and a long way to go with my blog and with my descriptions of my work on all my sites.

Comments always encouraged. Or, if you're following great blogs, feel free to comment or post your links here.

All the best,

Gail Kent
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