Thursday, January 26, 2012

Note to Google Plus, I'm This Gail Kent not That One

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Okay, so now we're networked through every social network in the world to get that top SEO ranking, and feeling no pain other than privacy with racy photo issues and maybe a few legitimate concerns. Right?

I'm proud owner of  2 Google+ sites, off one page creation. Can't use either page. I'm hoping that a human being at Google will follow-up on one of my daily "feedbacks" about my confusion: I'm really This Gail Kent, Google. I need my page fixed.

How about this amazingly sharp photo from the big eye in the sky? I'm awed by the incredible magic that put this beautiful image on my desk.

Beautiful Picnic Island, Tampa Bay
I used this perfect day to mellow-out for a while by the water. No Google+ thoughts, no new Facebook Timeline thoughts, and even the new website I'm building was way out of sight, out of mind. Perfect day for a couple hours on the beach to paint a little, chat a little with the regulars, and watch the clouds drifting over the bay as a group of fly fishermen played in the water. They weren't having any luck and left early. Guess that's why we never see fly fishing on the island.

Windy Day at Picnic Island

A group of windsurfers (kite surfers) arrived and began unfurling their sails in a meadow as I left the island, all of us anticipating high winds--good for them, bad for my acrylic painting. I did manage to get this one little high-key study done.  I may need to re-work it, though, before I put it on FAA for prints. Although with the winds drying my paints so quickly, it's already in a bit of an over-worked state. It may be a prints-only picture until it's painted as a large studio oil painting.

It felt like a Garrison Keillor sort of day on Tampa Bay, except that his days are frigid in Lake Wobegon and mine are 80's and breezy. Big smile on my face right now. It's a very beautiful day in the neighborhood.

I'm unable to see the photos I'm uploading with the Google+ big change. Related photo problems I've had there, carried over to Blogger when I upload photos for the post.

I can't be the only person having these problems with Google's consolidation efforts. Unable to use either of my sites properly, I've decided to give it a short rest and revisit when everyone using Google isn't angry and venting, or dropping them, over their changes. I also have to "read the instructions" since Google isn't troubleshooting my difficulties. I'll post on the resolution when it happens.

Please add your thoughts and experiences with social networking for your art sites, and problem resolutions with the latest changes thrust upon us.

Comments are always encouraged. If you're following interesting blogs, feel free to comment or post your links here, too. 

All the best,

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