Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is Content Really King in the Blogosphere?

It's been an unusual day with Tampa's Gasparilla Festival craziness, and photo issues with my Google Plus accounts. After the parade, spent several hours researching and troubleshooting; deleted one of my two Plus accounts, still can't see photos on Plus or Gmail. Blog posts are okay, but my profile picture is that hideous blue lady silhouette in some image search results.

Reading Word Press Blogs to get new perspective on art blogging topics for fun, excellence, and for some bloggers, profits. Not seeing much about unpleasant surprises technically, but a lot about social networking impacts on blogging. I found a very worthwhile short post on highly rated Copyblogger about the myth of content being king - Jonathan Morrow's phrase- and why we don't get the links we expect relative to the effort we put into our posts. "If you want links now, you need to be more than great. You need to be connected." No Links to Your Great Content Blogs  

The blogosphere is changing at warp speed as Facebook and Google Plus battle for our booty, Mates. SEO may not be as relative as it once was when we're totally integrated through Google, or Facebook, or the next biggest, greatest wunderkinds to seize control of the web. Hence, my concern about my Plus photo problem resolution--I depend on images for my rankings. I'm not in the top bloggers, and not focused on  generating ad income. My Google dedication and dependence, coupled with Facebook and Twitter, works very well for my objective--promoting my art, not myself. It's professional, not a dating site.

Arrrgh, Ye Olde Lady Pirate
No content king post material about this photo, but it's interesting anyway. Gasparilla, mostly myth himself, has been celebrated by Tampa's parade for over a hundred years. Jose Gaspar, Pirate The "invasion" of the pirates, complete with canon fire from the floats, and beads being hurled through the air by picture-perfect pirates was a great success.A good time was had by all today.

Just look at the beads these gals are packing. Note they're not tossing their beads the way all-male Krewes do. Hold on to that bling, girls!

Art blogging is an art in itself and takes time and effort. Of course content matters, or we're like the graffiti artist scribbling on trains that pass through fields and country roads. No one see's those artistic words. We must get our images seen, or they won't sell, and we're left with nothing but plastic beads.

Please share your social networking problems, resolutions, and any pleasant experiences and benefits of changes.
Comments are always encouraged. If you're following interesting blogs, feel free to comment or post those links here, too. 

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