Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How's Your Google+ Experience Working Out?

Do we really need another Social Network account?

Today, I joined the Google+ club by creating my page.  Gail Kent Google+ Page
I resisted until I began having exchanges with other artists who are using Google+ and expect me to return a plus if they plus me. We're already Facebook-trained with "favorite or like me and I'll return the favor and like you, too." Not that I have anything against Google, my source for everything. My hesitancy had to do with time.

Does this sound like your online presence? 

In addition to all the general reading, e-mailing, shopping that I do online, I have the five websites I use daily: Google Sites art website, an FAA hosted art website, Facebook Artist page, Twitter for news feeds, and this blog on Google's Blogger.

Then there's my new domain gallery site under construction using Word Press on my domain host iPage, and an Etsy store account. And, I have Digg and Flickr accounts for art posts, all my financial accounts that I post to and comment on, and several e-mail accounts to separate all the personal, artist, and commentary stuff.  YouTube is in the future for tutorials, as well.

Picnic Island, Tampa

I'm a painter. I'm not in any technical field and I don't have any staff or consultants to help me with these things. I'm guessing most artists managing their own web profile are also one-man shows trying to make the best decisions to show and sell their art. It's sink or swim time in the Google+ stream in South Tampa.

The Google+ stream is easy to use, growing a circle is easy, but somehow they re-named my page and then I could no longer manage the site. I setup my page as Gail Kent Art Studio with my photo, 17 pictures - looked good. Then after a few searches, I returned to find my page was re-named Gail Kent and all the photos were no longer visible and an album of 47 of my blog photos was listed but not accessible. Re-loading the profile photo wasn't allowed. Trying to upload any picture is now a problem in this blog - they don't show on the upload screen. Headache!  I sent a feedback to Google about the plus issue, which stated they don't answer feedbacks, but try to implement any general changes for the benefit of all users. Huh?

I'm not sure where this is going and hoping Google will fix all the problems that I've experienced in creating my page. I believe I used a pseudonym (business name) which shouldn't have caused a problem. Google+ Pseudonyms. I'll hold off installing +1 buttons for now.

Port Tampa

If all glitches can't get worked out, BIG problem
having Gail Kent Art Studio as Gail Kent on Google+:

I don't do personal as public on-line, just business goes on-line, which brings up another new issue. This link 'splains a lot: Google Policies. Everything is now so integrated that I'm getting a little nervous about all the +1 buttons I'm pressing building some sort of Google generated profile that isn't at all me. When online, unlike corporations,  I am not a person! I am a professional website. Decisions, decisions.

Please post your Google+ experience comments, good and not so good, will be helpful to everyone facing this decision.
Comments are always encouraged. If you're following interesting blogs, feel free to comment or post your links here, too.

All the best,

Gail Kent
Gail Kent Studio

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